About Us

Following years of working with hundreds of young people, especially teenage girls in churches, schools and the community we had become dissatisfied with the status-quo.

We couldn’t stand and watch as girls grow up bombarded with mixed messages of the ‘ideal’ girl and popular culture shouting ‘you are not enough’ undermining their true identity. Flourish was born in 2015 from a passion to see a generation of teenage girls understand their true value and identity.

In this anxiety-inducing culture Flourish exists to empower every girl to rediscover who they are, their immeasurable value, unchanging worth and world changing capabilities.

The services we provide aim to restore self-worth, rebuild lives and release potential in the lives of girls living in the Leamington Spa and Warwick area.

‘By building emotional resilience and wellbeing in our young people Flourish can help build a stronger society and prevent the development of serious and costly mental health problems in teenagers. Flourish’s materials are innovative and well thought through and tackle some of the root causes of low self esteem and poor mental health.’

Local Councillor, Leamington Brunswick