At Flourish our values are really important to us; they are not just words but they thread their way through everything we do.

We are:

Faith based, not faith biased: We are a Christian charity working with girls of all faiths and none. Our faith shapes our practice; we treat everyone with love, respect, kindness, care and dignity.

Courageous: We are not afraid to step out, make changes and speak out. We encourage the girls we support to be bold, brave and strong.

Honouring: We actively praise, respect and cheer on everyone we work with. We believe that everyone is a person of high value.

Generous: We are abundantly encouraging, unconditionally loving and giving of our skills and ability.

Excellence: We believe that the girls we work with should have the best. We are committed to every aspect of our work being of the highest quality.

Hope Filled: We are carriers of hope for every girl’s circumstance and situation.  We are confident that everyone has vast potential.