The Flourish Girls’ Course is an exciting group programme for girls to explore the challenges and pressures they face in today’s society and develop self-esteem, resilience and positive mental wellbeing.

 Designed for groups of 8-12 girls, every session is packed with multi-media, craft, interactive activities and group discussions. Each course is led by two trained female leaders and can be delivered to schools, youth groups and other settings in the community.

The course aims for girls to:

  • Know their true worth and be confident in their unique identity
  • Manage difficult emotions and develop resilience
  • Build and maintain supportive friendships
  • Aspire towards a positive and hopeful future
  • Make safer choices for their lives.                                                                                                     

 Every participant receives a free goody bag on graduation, packed with treats given by local businesses and supporters.

The Flourish Girls’ Course is an excellent early intervention for girls who may be:  anxious, have low self-esteem or confidence, making unsafe choices/taking risks, held back by emotional or mental health issues, or having friendship difficulties.

Sessions cover themes such as: personal strengths and character, body image, social media friendships, healthy relationships, managing emotions and aspirations.

* We also have a girls’ group course adapted to include elements of Christian teaching. This can be delivered to groups of girls in church context.

Please contact us to book a course.


‘A great sense of value was placed on the girls…the course was a great boost to their confidence and gave the girls the tools to support each other and realise they are not alone.’


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