Flourish offer one-to-one mentoring, creating a safe space for girls to talk about what matters to them and be equipped with tools to overcome issues or challenges they may be presently facing. We match girls individually with a trained female mentor, who will meet with them for 12 or more weekly sessions. 

Our innovative and creative Flourish Mentoring Programme works with every girl to:

  • Explore unique identity and discover their true value
  • Find healthy ways of managing emotions and develop resilience to cope with challenges
  • Look to the future, inspiring positive aspirations
  • Make safer choices for their lives

Sessions are carefully tailored to each individual and involve a range of creative activities including art and craft, video and games; to help girls engage and open up about the things that are important to them.

To request mentoring, click on the link below to download a form. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The mentoring has helped me feel positive and I feel I have more people to talk to. I have found ways to help me get through the hard situations. I enjoyed doing the creative activities because I got to use my imagination. I always looked forward to coming to my sessions.

N, aged 12

From the start, the mentoring was fantastic and exactly what I needed. Not a single session was wasted and I have learned things for life.

P, aged 18

I have learned how to deal with my emotions properly!

S, Aged 14

We can support a range of girls who may present with issues holding them back or struggling in some way. These can include (but are not limited to): low self-esteem or confidence,  friendship difficulties, anxiety, self-harm, individuals at risk or disengaging with education.

All our mentors are trained, checked by DBS and operate within our robust safeguarding policy and proceedures.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: You can view our privacy and complaints notices for those accessing Flourish services and for supporters here.