Flourish Course

The Flourish Girls’ Course is an exciting 8 session group programme for 8 girls, exploring challenges and pressures they face in today’s society; nurturing self-esteem and a positive mental wellbeing.

Every session is packed with multi-media, craft, interactive activities and group discussions. The small group setting is a great space to share thoughts and opinions, develop friendships and spur each other on! From the moment the girls arrive, they realise this course is something special and just for them; a safe space to share, be encouraged and valued. 

This programme aims to develop a positive self-esteem and mindset; enabling girls to build resilience and mental wellbeing and be empowered to make great choices for their lives.

Session themes cover: Personal strengths, body image, social media, friendships, healthy relationships, managing emotions and hopes and dreams.

The Flourish Course can be booked by schools and other organisations.